Halal in Tokyo: 5 Japanese Halal Food Spots in Asakusa

By Emily Suvannasankha
Updated: October 27, 2023

Looking for halal food on your trip to Tokyo? Finding delicious Japanese food that also meets your dietary needs can be a challenge for travelers in Japan. But with the help of an expert on eating halal in Tokyo, you can relax and eat to your heart's content. Join Shizuka as she embarks on Adam's incredibly thorough food tour of Asakusa and enjoys the best halal food in Tokyo!

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Halal in Tokyo: 5 Japanese Halal Food Stops in Asakusa

In this video, Shizuka and tour guide Adam explore Japanese halal food in the traditional district of Asakusa. Asakusa is an area of Tokyo that's most widely known for its historical Japanese atmosphere as well as its Buddhist temple and popular tourist destination, Sensoji Temple. On Adam's tour, guests can enjoy all the old shops and eclectic stalls that Nakamise Dori Shopping Street has to offer, all while in the shadow of the beautiful Tokyo Skytree. What yummy halal Japanese food does Shizuka find in these hidden corners of Asakusa? Watch the video to find out!

A halal food tour with a stop at Asakusa Sensoji Temple

Adam explains how rare it is to find halal food options in Japan. But not to worry! With Adam's tips, eating halal in Tokyo becomes a whole lot easier. The first restaurant Adam takes us to is a certified pioneer of halal in Japan and offers everything from sushi to grade-A wagyu beef, all refined for the Muslim diet. Peace of mind is guaranteed at this tasty spot, which provides alcohol-free soy sauce and clean cups and dishware that are up to halal standards for Muslim customers.

A piece of halal nigiri sushi in Tokyo during a halal food tour

Adam then whisks Shizuka away for the next dish on the tour: halal tempura! The oil used to fry this crispy shrimp and vegetable tempura is halal and vegetarian, served with alcohol-free dipping sauce for Muslim diners. Check out the video to hear which piece of tempura Adam tells Shizuka will be the best bite of her life!

Several pieces of crispy halal tempura

Then, our adventurous duo reaches the climax of the tour at a local Asakusa restaurant that serves halal ramen. Shizuka exclaims "Bismillah!" instead of her usual "Itadakimasu!" before digging in, and savors the rich, nutty flavors of the ramen broth, unique among ramen varieties.

Finally, the last stop of this whirlwind tour is the sweetest of all: halal ice cream! Shizuka enjoys topping off her savory food tour with an ice-cold, creamy matcha soft-serve cone, ending the halal food tour on a sweet note.

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