High-End Sushi, Casual Atmosphere: $190 Omakase in Tokyo with an English-Speaking Chef

By Ashley Owen
Updated: March 31, 2021

If you’re new to the world of sushi, visiting a high-end sushi restaurant in Japan can feel a little intimidating – especially if you’re not sure what to order. That’s where omakase comes in! Omakase means to leave the menu up to the chef, entrusting them to serve a series of dishes specially selected for you, at an unknown price point. For those on a budget, we have previously covered some affordable omakase sushi restaurants in Tokyo. But in this video, Shizuka Anderson enjoys a luxurious lunch for around $190, some of the best omakase Tokyo has to offer, at Sushi Rinda, a Meguro sushi restaurant renowned for its top-quality menu and congenial atmosphere. Let’s see what bilingual chef Takahashi Yuta creates for her!

$190 OMAKASE Lunch with Sushi Rinda’s Bilingual Chef, Takahashi Yuta

Sushi Rinda is located in Meguro, a lively part of central Tokyo just next to Shibuya. Different from a lot of high-end sushi restaurants it has a casual and lively atmosphere, which is in large part thanks to the chefs, like Takahashi Yuta. Having graduated from high school in Canada, chef Yuta speaks great English and loves to serve up his sushi with a side of friendly conversation!

Shizuka’s meal begins with maguro otoro (fatty tuna), the restaurant’s specialty, which is juicy and bursting with flavor. The rice the fish is served on is a slightly darker color than what you might have seen in other restaurants because Sushi Rinda uses red vinegar to give their rice a richer taste with stronger umami notes.

Chef's setup at Sushi Rinda in Meguro

This is followed by glistening sweet shrimp that has a surprisingly fresh and creamy texture, sea bream topped with monkfish liver, and melt-in-your-mouth squid served with sea urchin. Chef Yuta also selects the best drinks to accompany the sushi, beginning with beer and moving on to a couple of different types of sake from around Japan. 

Sake bottle on the counter with a sushi chef preparing the next bite behind it

Other highlights include a sea bass sushi that’s lightly seared to enhance the flavor, grilled eel, and a cup of miso soup that uses miso paste made by the restaurant owner’s grandmother! The final dish is their signature Rinda Roll, a decadent hand-rolled piece of sushi wrapped in seaweed and topped with salmon roe, that you might struggle to finish in just one bite!

Shizuka Anderson smiles as the Rinda Roll is prepared in front of her

Each piece of sushi served at Sushi Rinda is lovingly crafted by hand right before your eyes, making the experience of eating here truly special. Take a look at the video and you’ll soon see why this just might be the best omakase Tokyo has to offer!

Shizuka and Chef Yuta at Sushi Rinda facing the camera, arms crossed

Enjoy your own omakase sushi experience at Sushi Rinda!

Has watching the video whet your appetite for innovative and delicious sushi? Make a reservation at Sushi Rinda and you can enjoy your own high-end Tokyo omakase lunch! Seated at the counter, you'll get a first-hand look at how each dish is created, as well as to have a friendly chat with the chefs. If you’re looking for high-end sushi served in a casual and fun atmosphere, this may well be the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo to visit!

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