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Digitally jump on one of our unique dining experiences, in-depth food tours, or cultural cooking classes by watching our Japan videos. See into the world of salarymen in Shimbashi following along on one of our food tours, or find out what it's like to join a hands-on cooking class making udon from scratch. Hold your breath and watch as our hosts eat poisonous fugu pufferfish, or simply sit back and soak up the best of Japan’s countryside and delicious regional food when you take a Virtual Tour of Japan.

Make your own authentic Japanese food that tastes like it came straight out of a Japanese restaurant when you cook along at home watching the best Japanese cooking videos covering all traditional Japanese dishes from crispy tempura to authentic okonomiyaki. Or, transport yourself into the virtual classroom and learn Japanese online by watching these language lesson videos! Keep your eyes peeled for the best videos about Japan featuring local travel tips, regional cuisine, breathtaking destinations, unique experiences, and more, right here on byFood.

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