Sizzling street food in Osaka, extravagant kaiseki experiences in Kyoto, Hokkaido’s freshest seafood, and humble all-night diners in the heart of Tokyo... Discover the best restaurants, cafes, bars, izakayas and more with these blog posts that shed light onto where to eat in Japan.
Where to Eat

Whether it be your first ever trip to Japan or your 26th, where to eat in Japan is always be one of the most important questions on any traveler's lips! One great thing about food in Japan is the overwhelming quality across the board. You might find yourself eating a tasty beef bowl from a fast food chain in Nagoya, a hearty Japanese curry from a family-run restaurant in Miyagi, or an indulgent multi-course banquet of kaiseki in Tokyo with the freshest sashimi. But, no matter where you travel in Japan, you can always expect high quality Japanese food in every region from Sapporo to Okinawa.

If you are seriously wondering where to eat in Japan, you have come to the right place! The comprehensive Japanese food blog on byFood covers essential dishes to eat from different prefectures in Japan, including detailed what and where to eat guides for different regions like Fukushima, Saga in Kyushu, Enoshima (just south of Tokyo) and more. Each region boasts local specialty dishes and seasonal ingredients, culminating in the diverse culinary offerings like seafood from Kanazawa’s Omicho Market or succulent Matsusaka wagyu beef. Our extensive range of neighborhood articles in different districts of Tokyo alone walk you through the best Japanese food and local restaurants in the city! Really discover where to eat in Tokyo by reading about restaurants in the glitzy commercial hub of Roppongi, the “otaku heaven” of Akihabara, Tokyo’s manmade island of Odaiba, and more! Discover the best places for where to eat in Japan by checking out articles from our mouthwatering Japanese food blog.

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