From intimate backstreet izakayas to the mouth-watering street food of Asia’s largest Chinatown, discover the culinary wonders of Japan’s second largest city and read all about the best Japanese food to try and things to do in this bustling port city.

The capital of Kanagawa Prefecture and hustling as Japan’s second biggest city, Yokohama is the neighboring metropolis of Tokyo. For people unfamiliar with the Yokohama area, you can discover the best things to do in Yokohama by checking out our Yokohama travel blog. Despite often being overshadowed by Tokyo’s glitter and glamor, Yokohama has its own charm and delicious local Japanese food. Spanning from the port to the city center, our Yokohama travel blog features articles about Japanese culture, latest news, activities and what to do in Yokohama. Plus, more importantly, what to eat! Our What to Eat in Yokohama food guide is your ultimate ticket to all things delicious in this exciting port city.

Aside from its local craft beer scene, Yokohama’s portside boardwalk bustles with shops, busy restaurants, and local bars. For a breakdown of authentic street food from Asia’s largest Chinatown, our Yokohama Chinatown Food Guide will have you drooling over dumplings, deep-fried sesame balls, and kawaii Panda buns! More than just handy Yokohama travel tips, our Yokohama travel blog paints the picture of back streets haunts and secret restaurants, as well as some of the best places in Where to Eat in Yokohama. Discover Yokohama’s best izakayas buzzing with salarymen until wee hours of the morning, read about the best place to enjoy a cocktail with a skyview, or learn about the best shopping in Minato Mirai. For noodle lovers, you can even read all about what it’s like to make your very own cup of instant ramen at the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama! From Yokohama-style ramen to the best Japanese sake in the city, our Yokohama travel blog is where you can get useful travel tips, event updates, and the latest news about the best local food in Yokohama.

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