Learn about the best things to do and where to try sizzling Kobe beef right from the source! This Kobe travel blog will keep you drooling with everything you need to know about the coveted local beef and regional food from Hyogo Prefecture.

Osaka’s humble neighbor of Kobe is the home to none other than its signature, world-class Kobe beef. This is some of the best wagyu beef in Japan which has rightfully put the city on the global map. Of course, during any trip to Kobe you should try this top grade (perhaps even life changing?) locally-grown beef. It is famously succulent and almost absurdly marbled, however, for anyone who feels overwhelmed for choice, no sweat! In our Kobe travel blog, we have put together a comprehensive Guide to Kobe Beef for Beginners with all the intel about Kobe wagyu you need to know as a starting point for any Kobe trip. On this Kobe travel blog, you can find the latest foodie news, local events, and travel tips for Kobe and the surrounding region.

Alongside articles on local dining experiences, cooking classes and food tours in Kobe, you can find out about the best Kobe specialty dishes in What to Eat in Kobe before you go by reading our Kobe travel blog. More than just Kobe beef, read on to discover akashiyaki dumplings, cheesecake soft cream, and some of Japan’s highest quality sake, among other unique local specialties from Kobe. Undoubtedly, delicious Kansai flavors overflow from Osaka’s boundaries into the Hyogo Prefecture. Read about tantalizing local ramen restaurants, sizzling okonomiyaki joints, or the best vegan restaurants throughout the city’s hotspots and hidden passages. With morish Kobe Chinatown street food available, you can read our Kobe travel blog to find out about the city’s best pork buns, Peking duck and shumai dumplings, too!

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