15 of Tokyo’s Best Rooftops for Drinking, Dining and Relaxing

By Anne Ueki
Updated: May 30, 2024

Tokyo is the world’s largest city, with an estimated population of 37,115,035 people as of 2024. What does this figure have to do with the best Tokyo rooftops for drinking, dining, and relaxing? 

This extreme population density has transformed Tokyo into a vertical city, with towering apartment buildings, sky-high hotels, high-rise offices, and sky-scraping department stores encouraging people to rise above the clouds. Due to this, there’s no shortage of rooftop bars and restaurants in Tokyo — along with rooftop gardens and public spaces that have become increasingly common over the years. 

Tip: Join a Tokyo bar-hopping tour to see some of the city's most chill spots.

15 Best Tokyo Rooftops for Drinking, Dining and Relaxing

Two women look out over a Tokyo rooftop terrace

If you’re afraid of heights, we’re here to be the wind beneath your wings! We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best rooftops in Tokyo for drinking, dining and relaxing.

  1. Hacienda del Cielo Modern Mexicano
  2. Two Rooms Grill & Bar
  3. Roku Nana
  4. R Restaurant & Bar
  5. CÉ LA VI Tokyo
  6. KEIO SKY BEER GARDEN (Shinjuku)
  7. Marunouchi House
  8. Rooftop Bar at Andaz Hotel (Minato)
  9. Rooftop Bar & Terrace G at Shinjuku Granbell Hotel
  11. Restaurant Luke with Sky Lounge (Near Tsukiji)
  12. Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. BBQ BEER GARDEN (Nihonbashi)
  13. Shibuya Parco Rooftop Park 
  14. Miyashita Park Rooftop (Shibuya)
  15. Meguro Sky Garden

1. Hacienda del Cielo

Hacienda del Cielo
  • Floor: 9th
  • Location: Daikanyama
  • Features: Bar and Restaurant

Located in Tokyo’s affluent Daikanyama neighborhood, Hacienda del Cielo sits on the ninth floor of an unassuming building — boasting breathtaking city views. Hacienda del Cielo combines modern and traditional Mexican food, along with a bevy of innovative cocktails and drinks. 

One of the best Tokyo rooftops at night is right here, as the restaurant boasts stunning views of Tokyo Tower and Mori Tower. Divided into four sections–the outdoor terrace, sky dining, bar area, and a luxury lounge — Hacienda del Cielo covers all the bases regarding seating settings. The atmosphere is warm, lively, and fun, complemented by an 8-meter high ceiling and a color scheme evocative of a Mexican resort. In our humble opinion, Hacienda del Cielo is the cream of the crop in terms of Tokyo rooftop restaurants. More details.

2. Two Rooms Grill & Bar

Two Rooms Grill & Bar
  • Floor: 5th
  • Location: Aoyama
  • Features: Bar and Restaurant

The directors of Two Rooms Grill & Bar — Eddie Baffoe, Matthew Crabbe, and Nathan Smith — have all held noteworthy positions in five-star hotels and restaurants worldwide. They pooled their industry expertise and founded Two Rooms Bar & Grill in 2009, opening its doors on the 5th floor of the Ao Building in the stylish Aoyama neighborhood.

This Tokyo hotspot lends itself to lazy lunches, elegant dinners, and weekend drinks. They also host DJ events, so you can enjoy some well-mixed music with your cocktails. More details.

3. Roku Nana

  • Floor: 3rd
  • Location: Roppongi
  • Features: Bar

Compared to some of the other towering hotspots on this list, Roku Nana sits humbly on the third-floor rooftop of a building overlooking Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Tower. Roku Nana is one of the lesser-known rooftop venues on our list, establishing its secret bar status due to the lack of signs or branding, just an address you need to first know to find. 

Roku Nana was designed by Yasumichi Morita — founder and CEO of the contemporary design firm, Glamorous. His signature futuristic and innovative style is on full display in this hidden rooftop bar in Roppongi, with heavy use of dim lighting, various metals, and glass throughout the bar. While Roku Nana is primarily a bar, it does have a humble yet creative menu including dishes like Quail Egg Pickles, Truffle Popcorn, and Mini Chicken Ramen. More details.

4. R Restaurant & Bar

  • Floor: 13th 
  • Location: Asakusa
  • Features: Restaurant and Bar

Standing tall on the 13th floor of The Gate Hotel in Asakusa, R Restaurant & Bar boasts stunning views of popular area landmarks like Tokyo Skytree and Sensoji Temple. Tokyo rooftop restaurants (and bars) that offer all-day dining are hard to come by, a role which this lavish French bisto was more than happy to fill. 

The grand eight-meter-long bar serves as a stage for some of the world’s finest drops, with a sommelier hand-selecting a range of wine and champagne monthly. Regarding seating, R Restaurant & Bar offers table, counter, and outdoor terrace options allowing guests to choose from various settings. The atmosphere is elegant yet welcoming and casual, making it a prime location for a weekend brunch or family get-together. More details.

5. CÉ LA VI Tokyo

CÉ LA VI Tokyo
  • Floor: 17th and 18th
  • Asakusa: Shibuya
  • Features: Restaurant and Bar

CÉ LA VI is a stalwart in Tokyo's rooftop bar and restaurant scene, renowned for its resort-style entertainment, elaborate music events, and upscale atmosphere. With global locations in Taiwan, Shanghai, and Dubai, the Tokyo branch sits atop the newly renovated Tokyu Place by Shibuya Station. Although CÉ LA VI draws a crowd, this should not deter you from checking out this sky-high venue–the unhindered views of Shibuya Crossing are reason enough to pay this spot a visit. 

In terms of food, the on-site dining serves contemporary Asian cuisine to the lunch and dinner crowds. Bao by CÉ LA VI sits on the 17th floor, offering hungry diners a bounty of bao (and beyond) to choose from. Start with some shrimp toast (¥1,200), then feast on bulgogi egg bao (¥1,500) and Korean cold noodles (¥1,800). The 18th-floor restaurant dishes up modern fusion food via course menus (from ¥4,800) and a la carte. More details.


  • Floor: 9th
  • Location: Shinjuku
  • Features: Beer Garden, BBQ

Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2024, the Keio Department Store in Shinjuku is one of the neighborhood's longest-standing shopping destinations. In addition to fashion and makeup stores and a few eateries on the building's two basement floors, in the summertime, there is an open-air beer garden on the 9th floor. 

This rooftop eatery is a cozy space perfect for catching up with friends while sipping on a refreshing beer. Starting at ¥3,850, available courses include a variety of crowd-favorite bar foods like french fries, spring rolls, and salted edamame — all excellent options that will go perfectly with your drink of choice, be it beer or highball. À la carte items and soft drinks are also available.

It's important to note that the table requires advance booking. More information.

7. Marunouchi House

Marunouchi House
  • Floor: 7th
  • Location: Chiyoda
  • Features: Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, open space

Planted on the seventh floor of the Shin-Marunouchi building, Marunouchi House boasts an A-plus outdoor terrace with unhindered views of Tokyo Station. Due to its location, Marunouchi House is typically frequented by office workers and is relatively quiet on weekdays (outside of the lunch rush). Weekends tend to be busier, with the space hosting a rotation of music events and exhibitions, groups filing in for brunch, and people enjoying the outdoor armchairs with a book in hand. 

Hungry? Thirsty? There are 11 restaurants and bars to choose from, including Molé TAQUERIA Y BAR (Mexican), Koko Head Cafe (Hawaiian), Luv.Fish? (Seafood), and beyond. More details.

8. Rooftop Bar at Andaz Hotel

Rooftop Bar at Andaz Hotel
  • Floor: 52nd
  • Location: Minato
  • Features: Restaurant and Bar

The Andaz Hotel in Tokyo’s prestigious Toranomon Hills district combines modern, luxurious, and chic design with five-star city views. Just a short drive from the Imperial Palace, Andaz is a popular lifestyle hotel for Tokyo-ites seeking a city staycation and overseas travelers.

As a hotel chain, Andaz is equipped with plentiful on-site drinking and dining options–including The Tavern Grill & Lounge, BeBu, the SUSHI, and Pastry Shop — but here, we’re zoning in on the breathtaking Rooftop Bar sitting atop the 52nd-floor. Rooftop Bar boasts spectacular views of Tokyo Bay and Odaiba from a semi-open-air terrace. The drinks are innovative, the service is impeccable, and the setting is fit for a stylish night out. Rooftop Bar at Andaz Hotel is one of the best Tokyo bars in town, period. Ideal for cocktails with friends, first-time visitors eager for sparkling city views, and special occasions. More details.

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9. Rooftop Bar & Terrace G at Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

Rooftop Bar & Terrace G at Shinjuku Granbell Hotel
  • Floor: 13th
  • Location: Shinjuku
  • Features: Bar

Located in Kabukicho (a short stroll from Higashi-Shinjuku Station), the Rooftop Bar & Terrace G at the Shinjuku Granbell Hotel serves enchanting views of Shinjuku’s skyline in a relaxed setting. This 13th-floor venue has an indoor lounge with greenery and wooden table settings alongside a spacious outdoor terrace. If you’re after a chill night out with good music, happy hour drinks, and friendly service, Rooftop Bar and Terrace G is the spot for you.

Hotels with rooftop bars in Tokyo don’t have to break the bank, which is true for Rooftop Bar & Terrace G. The menu serves tasty modern and Japanese fare with a humble price-point, making it a great spot to start or stay for the night. More details.


Ark Hills Terrace
  • Floor: 20th
  • Location: Roppongi
  • Features: Beer Garden

Ark Hills is a multi-complex located in Roppongi that offers a great variety of food and cultural experiences. With over 50 restaurants and shops to explore, you might need to visit this place multiple times to fully appreciate everything it has to offer.

If you're visiting during the summer season, the rooftop lounge of the Ark Hills South Tower is a must-visit. Situated on the 20th floor of the south building, the terrace transforms into a beer garden where you can enjoy food and free-flow drinks such as beer, highballs, and even wine. Courses start at ¥7,800 per person and include aged bone-in pork, marinated jerk chicken, and spicy beef steak, plus free-flow drinks for 120 minutes. 

Reservations are required, so check the official website to book your spot.

11. Restaurant Luke with Sky Lounge

Restaurant Luke with Sky Lounge
  • Floor: 47th
  • Location: Chuo
  • Features: Restaurant and Bar

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore! And so is the sky-high view from Restaurant Luke with Sky Lounge. Sitting tall on the 47th floor of St. Luke's Garden in Chuo-ku, Restaurant Luke with Sky Lounge is a top-tier spot to dine on authentic Italian food with your head in the clouds. Unbeatable views of Tokyo Tower and Skytree aside, the rotating restaurant menu is the real drawcard–crafted by expert chefs, using seasonal ingredients, and paying homage to Italy’s southern Campania region and surrounds.

They’re open for lunch and dinner, offering guests the choice between public and private dining areas. This is one of the best Tokyo restaurants for special occasions or just because, as you can hire the Sky Lounge space, private rooms, party areas, and beyond. More details.

12. Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. BBQ BEER GARDEN

Nihonbashi Takashimaya BBQ
  • Floor: 9th
  • Location: Nihonbashi
  • Features: Beer Garden

Located in Tokyo's grand shopping district of Nihonbashi, this rooftop beer garden is the third on our list. After a day of shopping, why not relax at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C.'s beer garden and enjoy a refreshing pint of beer and some comforting food?

The surf and turf course, priced at ¥7,000, is perfect for those with a big appetite and pairs well with any drink of your choice. But in Nihonbashi, it's always good to be prepared to spend a little extra, right? For ¥9,800, you can upgrade your meal to include kuroge wagyu beef and lobster. Trust us; the stunning views of the surrounding skyscrapers will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Reservations are also necessary for this beer garden. Book through the venue's official website.

13. Shibuya Parco Rooftop Park

  • Floor: 10th
  • Location: Shibuya
  • Features: Restaurant, bar, cafe, open space

In 2019, Shibuya Parco reopened after a two-year construction period to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary. Part of the remodel included a lush new rooftop park featuring an on-site restaurant, bar, and open-air garden space.

Shibuya Parco itself is a department store, with a plethora of shops and pop-ups selling everything from Japanese designer fashion to anime collectibles and furniture. Keeping things fresh and interesting are what the brand thrives upon, so no two visits will feel the same. Shopping aside, the Rooftop Park is a space that welcomes community and collaboration–you’ll find outdoor tables, benches, and decks to park at, along with plenty of space available for hire for creative shoots. 

What about the food and drinks? We’re so glad you asked! ComMune is the on-site rooftop restaurant-bar-cafe space. You’ve got Ikiba serving nosh like chicken curry and fragrant rice, along with Takobar serving, you guessed it … tacos! Then Coffee Bar Garage pouring spiked and standard cups of caffeine. ComMune also hosts food truck events and more from its industrial warehouse-style venue. More details.

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14. Miyashita Park Rooftop

  • Floor: 4th
  • Location: Shibuya
  • Features: Cafes, open space

Open leisure spaces in Tokyo have transitioned from seasonal pop-ups (such as outdoor beer gardens) into city mainstays, like Miyashita Park Rooftop. Fancy some rock climbing, a game of volleyball, followed by a skate and some coffee? Miyashita Park Rooftop, naturally.

Miyashita Park Rooftop reopened following extensive renovations in 2020, unveiling a bright and beaming three-storey shopping mall and rooftop park. The entire building spans over 300 meters, is split into two halves connected by a walkway, and houses over 60 shops and restaurants. This complex was built with community in mind, featuring plenty of indoor and outdoor seating as well as wide open space and a rooftop that stays open until 11:30pm. 

While the rooftop itself only has a few drink and dine options (Starbucks, Valley Park Stand, and the occasional coffee truck), you can find a yokocho on the ground floor, food court on the 3rd floor, and plenty of restaurants scattered in between. And while you’re in Shibuya, why not join one of our Tokyo Bar Hopping tours to experience the city after dark as the locals do? More details.

15. Meguro Sky Garden

  • Location: Meguro
  • Features: Open space

Landing in Tokyo’s laidback Meguro ward in 2013, Meguro Sky Garden is a unique outdoor green space suspended over a highway. Just a hop, skip and jump from Shibuya, this spot is lesser-known to travelers but well-loved by urban design enthusiasts due to its concept and execution. 

The main attraction of Meguro Sky Garden is the outdoor space and view — there’s no cafes or restaurants on this humble rooftop! But there’s a conveniently located supermarket on ground-level, so you can stop to buy food and drinks before heading on up. Visit after a day in Meguro, stay for the sunset, and spot Mt. Fuji on a clear day! More details.

Tokyo’s skyline continues to evolve, with rooftop bars, restaurants, and up-high outdoor areas making clever use of space in this tightly-packed city. Summer, autumn, winter, or spring–we encourage you to conquer your fear of heights and climb that flight of stairs, press the button in the elevator, or hop on an escalator to check out some of our favorite Tokyo rooftops for drinking, dining, and relaxing. 

We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan's food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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