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Here on the byFood blog, we love bringing you the deepest dives on Japanese culture, adventurous food tours and hidden spots, and of course, recommendations on where to eat in different cities and locales of Japan. Some of our hits include the Beginner's Guide to Mochi, a mouth-watering Yokohama Chinatown Street Food Guide, and a comprehensive article on eating as a vegan in Japan.

But what about other Japanese food blogs? Right now is the perfect time to learn some classic or innovative Japanese recipes, or simply browse other people's kitchens from the comfort of your home.

So we picked 10 awe-inspiring blogs based on their unique content, high-quality photos and videos, and popularity among Japanese food blogs. We include blogs both old and new, but all have made an indelible mark on the Japanese food blogging scene. If you're looking to discover more blogs, here are some Japan-inspired food blogs we love!

10 Japanese Food Blogs to Follow

Here are 10 of the best Japanese food blogs that we've been loving lately.

  1. Just One Cookbook
  2. Beer Tengoku
  3. I Am A Food Blog
  4. Chopstick Chronicles
  5. Japan Food Addict
  6. Ramen Ramen Ramen
  7. Cooking with Dog
  8. Kyoto Foodie
  9. Kitchen Princess Bamboo
  10. Contemplating Sweets

1. Just One Cookbook

The famous Just One Cookbook is the first place I go when looking for any Japanese recipe at all. Nami, a Japanese home cook living in San Francisco, keeps me and millions of other people from fumbling by providing over 700 clear, easy recipes for traditional Japanese food as well as innovative takes on classics. She also supplies healthy alternatives, such as baked katsudon (pork cutlet bowl) instead of fried. Check out her YouTube channel and beginner's guide to Japanese cooking to try some of these recipes yourself!

Website: https://www.justonecookbook.com

2. Beer Tengoku

For all your beer-related needs, Beer Tengoku is here to provide copious reviews of craft and draft beers, bars, and breweries in Japan. Aside from their, ahem, intoxicating reviews, Joe and Rob the beer enthusiasts also interview different Japanese brewery companies to gain insight into the Japanese beer-making process and hunt down rare and interesting beer varieties. The site is available in both English and Japanese as the pair of beer lovers aim to spread their love of Japanese craft beer to the English-speaking world.

Website: https://www.beertengoku.com

3. I Am A Food Blog

I Am A Food blog screenshot with posts on miffy tuna onigiri, tamagoyaki french toast, new year's soba

Food bloggers Mike and Steph have been traveling around the world for seven years, and their special love for Japanese cuisine shows in their posting habits. This blog's food photography is nothing short of awe-inspiringfor example, the aesthetics of their creative Mini Japanese Soufflé Pancakes nearly bring a tear to my eye! (I'm not kidding.)

Mike and Steph specialize in trendy, cute renditions of classic Japanese recipes, like Miffy tuna onigiri, fluffy Totoro cheesecake, and tamagoyaki-inspired french toast. This is the perfect place to get inspired for your next at-home Japanese cooking experiment!

Website: https://www.iamafoodblog.com/tag/japanese

4. Chopstick Chronicles

Shihoko and Elizabeth are a Japanese mother and daughter living in Australia who started a massive food blog to recreate the Japanese foods they now miss. The sheer breadth of this cooking compendium rivals Just One Cookbook, and the care they take in providing history, background, and tips on each dish is astounding.

Along with classic Japanese dishes, they also feature innovative takes on Japanese snacks and sweets, such as checkerboard matcha cookies, Halloween-themed dango, and even homemade Pocky. You can save your favorite recipes on Chopstick Chronicles by clicking the heart button in the bottom right corner of each page, so get to it!

Website: https://www.chopstickchronicles.com

5. Japan Food Addict

Japan Food Addict blog with yellow background, orange temple-themed sidebar, ebichiri and satsuma-age recipes

Mai from Japan Food Addict writes quick and easy recipes, most of which take only 20 minutes or less. The posts on Japan Food Addict feature lots of traditional, off-the-beaten-path Japanese vegetable dishes, such as lotus root chikuzenni and satsumaage fish and vegetable paste. She also makes several types of osechi, or traditional Japanese New Year dishes. If you want something different from what other Japanese food blogs have to offer, dive into Mai's huge archive of local and regional Japanese dishes!

Website: http://www.japanfoodaddict.com

6. Ramen Ramen Ramen

Ramen Ramen Ramen blog's "about us" page screenshot with white background, picture of ramen on side,

Need more ramen news in your life? Edjusted, the writer of Ramen! Ramen! Ramen!, provides their thoughts, recipes, and reviews on all things ramen, with a supremely helpful ramen glossary and fascinating archive dating back to 2005. The blog specializes in cup/instant ramen ratings, so consult this exhaustive inventory before your next lunchtime trip to the konbini! And if you're in the market for ramen-themed lapel pins, Edjusted can supply.

Website: https://www.ramenramenramen.net

7. Cooking with Dog

Since 2007, the mysterious unnamed "Chef" and her poodle Francis have been teaching viewers how to make traditional Japanese dishes on their YouTube channel, Cooking with Dog. For over 13 years, Chef has traversed a wide expanse of Japanese cuisine in these charming videos as Francis "narrates" the process by her side. Francis may no longer be with us, but his memory lives on in plush and animated form in the latest videos.

The Cooking with Dog website, available in 13 languages, is a veritable treasure trove of written step-by-step recipes for everything from chocolate coronets to homemade udon noodles. Beginners, experts, and everyone in between can learn something from this real-life Cooking Mama!

Website: https://www.cookingwithdog.com

8. Kyoto Foodie

Kyoto Foodie blog screenshot, white with posts on Shiawase Gohan, Donabe Genmai Shake Gohan

Mocha Rose of Kyoto Foodie uses her local knowledge of Kyoto to share the best food spots in the city. Aiming to tell you what sightseeing guidebooks leave out, Mocha posts restaurant recommendations, recipes, tours of the gorgeous historical city, and introductions of unique local dishes like kinako ice cream and natsumikan citrus jelly. I recommend perusing Kyoto Foodie before any trip to Kyoto and checking out the Do Not Miss tag for their best recommendations!

Website: https://www.kyotofoodie.com

9. Kitchen Princess Bamboo

Not many Japanese food blogs focus on cakes and breads, but this is one of Kitchen Princess Bamboo's specialties! Akino, the Japanese blogger, creates posts and videos on a variety of Japanese dishes, but my favorites are her cumulative guides on the basics, such as how to make 8 basic onigiri fillings, and recipes for trendy sweets in Japan, like choux cream, melon pan, and "raindrop cake."

Website: https://www.princessbamboo.com

10. Contemplating Sweets

Speaking of Japanese desserts, Alisa of Contemplating Sweets is an expert on making Japanese dishes look Pinterest-level adorable. As a half-Japanese mom, Alisa started the blog to chronicle the dishes she made to feed her family. Now, her blog and YouTube channel host incredibly aesthetically pleasing recipes for main dishes, like beef soboro, as well as unique sweets, like Hawaiian butter mochi and kabocha squash muffins. And it might not be strictly Japanese, but her video for cute baby seal marshmallows will surely captivate you!

Website: https://www.contemplatingsweets.com/

Those are some our favorite 10 Japanese food blogs! There's something for everyone on this list, from the casual browser of cute food pics to the determined, armed-with-spices home cook. Go ahead and get lost in the sauce of all these delicious-looking recipes; I know I'm set for the next decade at least!

Looking for activities to do at home? Browse our online Japanese food experiences, hosted from Japan!

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