Tokyo DisneySea Food: 9 Best Yummy Dishes You Have To Try

By Kelliane Thach
Updated: December 11, 2023

Disney fanatics from around the world travel to visit Tokyo Disney Resort for various reasons: childhood nostalgia, thrilling rides, and adorable food. Tokyo DisneySea, in particular, is perfect for those who love exploring different destinations, and is catered toward an older audience of teenagers and adults, with scarier and faster rides. And just like the rides, Tokyo DisneySea food is unique from other Disney locations.

So, we're here to help you pick the best Disney-themed food to try during your Tokyo DisneySea experience. Read on to discover the best foods in the park, including limited edition and seasonal treats in addition to the staples you can find year-round.

Visiting Tokyo Disneyland? Don't miss these tasty foods!

Ariel's castle is consisted of coral shaped structures with flow to represent the ocean. The color scheme is blue, white, and orange. There are people outside waiting to go into the castle.

Tokyo DisneySea Foods

Here are 9 of the must-try foods at Tokyo DisneySea:

  1. Donald Duck Ukiwa Bun
  2. Toy Story Mochi 
  3. Chicken Leg 
  4. Popcorn
  5. Nemo and Friends Churros
  6. Deep Sea Pineapple Smoothie
  7. Summer Floats 
  8. Lotso Sugar Cookie (Pixar Playtime limited)
  9. Chicken and Corn Bun (Pixar Playtime limited)

Tokyo DisneySea Foods Offered All Year

1. Donald Duck Ukiwa Bun

Ukiwah bun is wrapped with Donald Duck plastic packaging. The packaging displays the illusion of Donald Duck in a buoy.

Not a fan of meat? Don’t worry; Disney has your back. Traveling through Port of Discovery, you will run into a snack stand called Seaside Snacks. Enjoy this shrimp bun while looking out over the ocean!

2. Toy Story Mochi

Three Toy Story alien mochi is displayed inside a Toy Story themed cup. The cup is being held by a hand model.

Toy Story is a classic Disney film loved by many people of all ages. And, of course, the cutest and most beloved characters, the Little Green Men, are made into these delicious mochi. Each alien is filled with either strawberry, chocolate, or custard filling. You can find this chewy dessert at snack carts around Tower of Terror. 

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3. Chicken Leg

Freshly made turkey leg is wrapped with blue wrapping and held in the center of photo. In the background is Port of Discovery at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Among all the Tokyo DisneySea foods, the chicken leg — not to be confused with Tokyo Disneyland's turkey leg — is the most iconic. You can find this treasure at Refrescos, a storefront in the Fortress. 

4. Popcorn

Two filled buckets of garlic shrimp popcorn are held side by side.

Feeling peckish? Why not save time and snack on some popcorn on the way to your next destination? Conveniently, DisneySea has popcorn carts scattered all around the park! You’ll never get tired of popcorn due to their many flavors, such as curry, garlic shrimp, and caramel. 

5. Nemo and Friends Churros

Three orange and white striped churros are held next to each other.

Once you finish visiting Nemo at the Nemo & Friends SeaRider attraction, take a pitstop at the Bayside Takeout. Instead of your basic cinnamon churro, expand your palate and try this mikan-flavored churro! Not only does it taste good, but the churro is also Nemo patterned, deeming it Instagram-worthy.

6. Deep Sea Pineapple Smoothie

The Deep Sea Pineapple Smoothie has orange boba balls on the bottom. The cup is clear and shows the blue slushy. The cup is decorated with coral and reef sillohetes towards the bottom and a Nemo and Friends Searider logo is on the middle of the cup.

If you need to drink with your mikan churro, grab a pineapple smoothie, also from Bayside Takeout. This drink keeps with the Finding Nemo theme, and it tastes refreshing! The orange boba inside the drink makes it so addicting you might want to buy more than one!

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Seasonal and Limited Edition Tokyo DisneySea Foods

7. Summer Floats

On the left side, there is an orange colored float with soft-serve ice cream on top. The right side displays a strawberry flavored float with soft serve on top.

As the seasons change, so does the menu at Disney. During the summer months, enjoy a nice float to cool you down from the heat. Ride on Aladdin’s carpet and land at Sultan’s Oasis to grab yourself a strawberry or mikan-flavored float. 

8. Lotso Sugar Cookie (Pixar Playtime Limited)

A bright pink cookie sandwich is being held. A picture of Lotso from Toy Story is displayed on top of the cookie. Around the Cookie is a wrapper with Lotso's face.

If you need a break from all the savory food at DisneySea, take a quick snack break with this adorable Toy Story-themed cookie. This nice raspberry-flavored frosting is sandwiched between two soft sugar cookies, perfect to share with your significant other during Valentine’s. If the cookie isn’t enough, you can also purchase a cute and fuzzy Lotso Bear pouch! This cookie can be found at Gondolier Snacks in the Mediterranean Harbor.

9. Chicken and Corn Bun (Pixar Playtime Limited)

A blue bun with purple polka dots on it is covered with a Pixar playtime themed wrapping. The wrapping is clear in the middle to display the bun.

DisneySea is packed with so many fun rides that it's difficult to find some time to enjoy the amazing food. Luckily, Disney has provided us with an answer to this dilemma: buns. There are many different types of buns at Tokyo DisneySea, so why not try a Monster’s Inc.-themed one found at Sultan’s Oasis? Unlike Donald Duck’s ukiwah bun, this one is filled with chicken and corn. This bun is limited to Pixar Playtime, so if you’re lucky and visit during this event, don’t miss out!

During your Japan trip, plan a day to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. It's a fun break from reality, and you can enjoy the Disney magic in the air! Tokyo DisneySea tickets are affordable compared to other parks around the world, starting at around $77 USD.

In addition to the delicious Tokyo DisneySea foods, this park is great for thrill seekers due to the faster rides and limited edition attractions. Be sure to check out Journey to the Center of the Earth and Toy Story Midway Mania! for an adrenaline rush, fueled by portable buns and boba.

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