Sakura Season in Tokyo: Hanami and Cherry Blossom Desserts at Happo-en Garden

By Ashley Owen
Updated: April 28, 2021

Seeing the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom is one of the most magical experiences you can have in Japan. There are plenty of great spots where you can enjoy sakura season in Tokyo, and in this video host Shizuka Anderson teams up with YouTuber Eric Berg to show you around the elegant Happo-en Garden. Not only do they enjoy hanami (flower viewing) in the peaceful grounds, they also indulge in some exquisite cherry blossom-themed desserts that are perfectly paired with a cup of frothy matcha green tea. Let’s take a closer look!

Blooming sakura at Happo-en Garden

Sakura Season in Tokyo: Hanami at Happo-en Garden, an Oasis in the City Center

Happo-en is a famous event venue and Japanese garden in Tokyo, located in the central Minato ward. It was opened in 1952, but the garden itself dates back around 300 years all the way to the Edo period. Within the 12,000 square meter grounds, there are two historic teahouses, a pond swimming with koi fish, and a special bonsai tree garden. Shizuka and Eric take a stroll past this fascinating display of miniature trees, and manage to find one that’s an amazing 525 years old!

Pond reflecting yellow leaves at Happo-en Garden

The main purpose of Shizuka and Eric’s visit to Happo-en Garden however is to enjoy traditional hanami in Tokyo. This calm oasis is the perfect spot to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom, and has plenty of places where you can sit and admire these ethereal flowers. Check out the video to see just how gorgeous they are!

After exploring the gardens and relaxing beneath the pale pink petals, Shizuka and Eric head inside to sample some of the venue’s amazing sakura-themed desserts. First, they try the special cherry blossom set, which comes with a delicately layered, fragrant sakura and matcha cake plus a cup of perfectly-whisked, frothy matcha tea.

Cherry blossom dessert set at Happo-en Garden with matcha

Next up Eric tucks enthusiastically into a tropical eclair that's bursting with tangy mango, while Shizuka enjoys a smooth and creamy ruby chocolate mousse flavored with rose, pistachio, and berries.

Ruby chocolate mousse at Happo-en Garden

We also get a great insight into each of the host's personalities through the very different ways they eat and describe their food – take a look at the video to see what we mean! And remember, if you’re lucky enough to spend sakura season in Tokyo, be sure to visit Happo-en Garden for hanami fun.

Shizuka Anderson in kimono at Happo-en Garden in Tokyo for sakura season

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