Love Is in the Air: 9 Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

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Updated: January 29, 2024

Kyoto is often quoted as one of Japan's most romantic cities, but Tokyo remains a popular destination for couples and newlyweds. And plenty of restaurants in the capital provide just the right intimate setting for a dinner with your loved one. Winter is an especially lovey-dovey season in Japan, with Christmas and Valentine's Day being the key holidays for couples in Japan. Although, you could (and should) aim to woo your partner at any time of the year.

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9 Most Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

Whether you're looking for a classic romantic setting or something to spice up a date or couple's trip, we've compiled a list of nine Tokyo restaurants offering unique settings to share a perfect meal with your partner. 

  1. Ginza Ugai
  2. Allié
  3. Ginza Hassen
  4. Rogama Steak Arcanum
  5. Bel Sogno
  6. Xex Tokyo
  7. Joël Robuchon Restaurant
  8. Aroma Fresca
  9. Ode

1. Ginza Ugai

Chef Ryogo Fujii preparing a dish at his restaurant, Ginza Ugai

Chef Ryogo Fujii believes that this temporality should be celebrated. Every meal is a miracle. As such, each of the dishes at Ginza Ugai is created to highlight the effort and passion of the producers. 

Chef Fujii's every action is driven by gratitude to his suppliers, staff, and guests who grace his counter. He creates food that thrills the palate by maximizing the ingredients' natural flavors and adroitly balancing umami, sweetness, and bitterness.

The ambiance of Ginza Ugai is demure and cozy. Guests can pick between a counter seat, where they can engage in meaningful conversation with their partners all the while watching the masterful chef at work, or a private room for a more intimate dining experience. Located in Ginza, this restaurant makes the perfect close to a romantic all-day date in the shopping district.

Ginza Ugai has specially conceptualized a course menu for byFood guests, using personally chosen ingredients that allow international visitors to experience the wonders of Japanese ingredients. Reserve a table.

2. Allié

A plate of veggies at Tokyo restaurant, Allié

No chef is an island, and Tadashi Harashima and Kenichiro Sasakura understand this more than most. This philosophy is at the heart of the concept behind Allié. Chef Harashima's French technique is shaped by his experiences in Michelin-starred restaurants like Alexandre by Michael Kayser and Les Jardins des Remparts. Meanwhile, Sommelier Sasakura's career has taken him to establishments like Beige Alain Ducasse and Dominique Bouchet. But both recognize that there would be no restaurant without the support of their suppliers, colleagues, seniors, and customers. 

The origins of the ingredients are proudly displayed on the menu, so guests can freely trace their corn back to Hoshino Farm in Gunma or their charcoal-grilled lamb back to Sakai Ranch in Hokkaido. Once expertly prepared by Chef Harashima, sommelier Sasakura pairs the food with the perfect complement of wines from the restaurant's carefully curated collection. 

The atmosphere at Allié is classic and warm, and the dishes are not only delicious — they are just as stunning. Pick this restaurant if you want a traditionally romantic setting for an intimate tête-à-tête with your better half. 

Reserve a table at Allié.

3. Ginza Hassen

A plate of vegetables at Tokyo restaurant, Ginza Hassen

Chef Sugimoto is the executive chef and dining director of Ginza Hassen. This restaurant sees the meeting of his masterful culinary technique and the pride of Aomori, the award-winning Hachinohe Shuzo Sake Brewery. 

This meticulousness and dedication to quality can be met only by a master of Chef Sugimoto's caliber. His contemporary yet traditional take on kaiseki cuisine showcases the unmatched freshness and quality of Aomori's natural bounties while also letting Hachinohe Shuzo's sake speak elegantly for itself.

Almost 30 varieties of Hachinohe Shuzo's finest are available at Ginza Hassen, which offers six sake pairings to go with the 10-odd courses in the meal. The comprehensive knowledge of the sommeliers is also available at guests' disposal should they wish to request alternative pairing recommendations.

This restaurant stands out in this list because it focuses on sake and its approachable experts. These two reasons together make Ginza Hassen a must-visit for foodie couples looking to celebrate their love while deepening their knowledge of Japanese cuisine. 

Reserve a table at Ginza Hassen.

4. Rogama Steak Arcanum

A dish at Tokyo restaurant Rogama Steak Arcanum

Rogama steak is one of Japan's best-kept culinary secrets. Rogama roasting ensures an even cook on all sides, forming a crispy crust on the outside and sealing in the meat's natural umami and juices. The result is a flavor, texture, and juiciness that is quite unlike any other.

Only Tamura beef is cooked in Rogama Steak Arcanum's ovens. This variety of meat is a special sub-breed of Tajima beef, which is, in turn, the root of all branded Japanese wagyu. When subjected to the agama cooking method, Tamura beef's low melting point and intense marbling result in an indulgent melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

Located in Shibuya, this restaurant is on the more affordable side, perfect for younger couples who might be traveling on a budget or if you want to keep some spare change for a stop at a trendy bar nearby. Rogama Steak Arcanum also offers a surprisingly accommodating range of course menus to choose from depending on the occasion and the rest of your evening plans. 

Reserve a table at Rogama Steam Arcanum.

5. Bel Sogno

A meat dish at Bel Sogno in Tokyo

Inspired by his childhood in Miyazaki and training all over Italy, Chef Yuji Nakamoto's Bel Sogno is the restaurant to go to if you want delectable Japanese-Italian fusion cuisine. 

Located in Nishi-Azabu, the restaurant only seats 10 guests around a U-shaped counter kitchen of solid Italian stone on which he kneads homemade pasta.

His masterful use of traditional techniques, particularly those of the Piedmont region, transforms top-quality Miyazaki ingredients into the perfect fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines — a love letter to the two places in the world he loves the most.

Bel Sogno offers a theatrical atmosphere with low lighting and a little bit of playfulness. This restaurant is a fool-proof option for a Christmas or Valentine's Day date. 

Reserve a table at Bel Sogno.

6. Xex Tokyo / Teppanyaki An

The interior of Xex Tokyo / Teppanyaki An in Daimaru Tokyo

The 13th floor of the Daimaru Tokyo building can only be described by gourmets as paradise on earth. Xex Tokyo's Teppanyaki An simultaneously offers a stunning view of the Tokyo skyline while still affording the intimacy of tableside grilling. Its grills are spacious, sweeping stainless steel arcs that give guests plenty of room to relax while preserving a sense of closeness. The chefs here are masters of the culinary art form, providing casual conversation while effortlessly grilling up wagyu beef, fresh seafood, and seasonal vegetables into courses that tantalize all five senses.

As is traditionally the case with teppanyaki, the beef is the meal's centerpiece. Still, Teppanyaki An's course menus also incorporate the specialties of Motoshiro Saito, founder of the famed Western-style Japanese restaurant Shunkotei. Menu items like cheese miso fondue meet grilled wagyu beef, making for an exciting dining experience.

This restaurant is an option for meat lovers and those who are suckers for a good view of the city. Plus, being located at the heart of Tokyo has its perks — it gives plenty of great nightcap options and is near some of the city's best hotels. 

Reserve a table at Xex Tokyo / Teppanyaki An.

7. Joël Robuchon Restaurant

A dish at Joël Robuchon Restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo

Housed in an 18th-century grand chateau-like house, the cooking here is in the hands of Michael Michaelidis. He took stewardship of the kitchen in 2017, having previously worked at the Singapore outlet. 

The name Robuchon is synonymous with excellent haute cuisine and excellent service. With such a brand, you are guaranteed the highest level of care and attention in every part of the experience. 

If you don't want any doubt that your restaurant pick will impress your date, reserve a table at Joël Robuchon Restaurant in Ebisu. This Michelin-starred eatery boasts a velvety interior, ideal for very special occasions. Make sure that you dress up to match the elegance of the setting.

Reserve a table at Joël Robuchon Restaurant.

8. Aroma Fresca

A dish at Tokyo restaurant Aroma Fresca

Get a near-authentic Italian experience at Aroma Fresca, located in Ginza. Here, Chef Harada takes Italy's cuisine as the starting point for his interpretations at this Ginza Italian restaurant. The steamed conger eel with Italian herbs, tomatoes, and Japanese peppers is a prime example of Italian cooking refracted through the lens of Japanese ingredients and tastes.

The main room can hold 20 diners in a bright interior of light wooden flooring, white walls, and gleaming white tablecloths. Aroma Fresca offers the best of both worlds, giving a taste of Italian cuisine with the attentiveness of Japanese service.

Reserve a table at Aroma Fresca.

9. Ode

A meat dish at Ode in Hiroo, Tokyo

With the slate gray walls and achromatic color palette, you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a contemporary art gallery. In a way, it is. Chef Yusuke Namai's innovative, Black fish offal meringue shattered into fragments and arranged around a Pacific saury confit, drinks mixed in laboratory flasks, a thin fried fritter of sweet potato on top of foie gras, and the crowning touch: an amuse bouche called Dragon Ball inspired by the anime and manga of the same name.

Ode is perfect for couples looking for something unexpected. It's not your average Japanese or French restaurant — and that's precisely why we included it in our list of recommendations. The open-plan dining area has a great sense of space, with the three-sided counter offering a great view of the culinary magic happening in the kitchen. 

Reserve a table at Ode.

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