Events and festivals constantly give life to the city where distinct districts each feature their own unique pop culture and backstory. From all-night diners to the classiest kaiseki restaurants, delve deep into the maze of Tokyo with insider knowledge from this Tokyo travel blog.

In every corner of the wonderful and wild maze of Tokyo lies a culinary adventure just waiting to be discovered. That’s right, any trip to Tokyo is a foodie’s dream for all the delicious, high quality Japanese food on offer throughout all pockets of the city. Our mouthwatering Tokyo travel blog is full of useful articles for how to get around the city, where and what to eat in different districts, the latest food news, plus upcoming events and Tokyo festivals. Each district has its own quirks, and you can learn all about them from our extensive range of Tokyo neighborhood food guides.

We break it down for you by district so you can discover the best restaurants and bars in Tokyo and local food experiences. Discover where to eat in Tokyo with articles uncovering neighborhoods like Tokyo’s famous kitchen town of Kappabashi, the commuter hub of Ikebukuro, and even the bohemian district of Shimokitazawa. Read our Tokyo travel blog to discover stories about Tokyo dining experiences and its unique drinking holes, ranging between cat cafes and maid cafes, to specialty craft beer bars. You can learn about the best cooking classes in Tokyo as well as the best Tokyo food tours with stories from first-hand experiences. For the thrifty traveler, check out our article about Michelin-star dining on a budget, or for those that like a tipple, read more about the top izakayas in Tokyo!

For anyone traveling with dietary requirements, you can find plenty of blogs about vegan and vegetarian food in Tokyo or the Tokyo’s best Halal wagyu restaurants, too. Find out where to eat the best sushi or brunch in Tokyo, learn about the best restaurants in Shinjuku, or discover the best Ameyoko street food in Ueno from our extensive selection of Tokyo travel blog articles. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about traveling to Tokyo as well as the city’s best eats and attractions!

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