10 Best Tokyo Food Tours for Japanese Food Lovers

By Azra Syakirah
Updated: December 2, 2022

Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, is undoubtedly one of the hottest spots for delicious, culturally-rich food in the entire world — the city’s impressive number of Michelin-starred restaurants is proof of that. With such a concentrated market, there’s quite a handful of places still yet to be discovered by the public masses. That’s where a Tokyo food tour comes in handy — a perfect way to discover hidden gems, learn about Japanese food culture, and even make some new friends!

Trust in your local tour guide to bring you to the highest-rated restaurants and izakaya gastropubs— pick from an array of Japanese specialties like ramen and okonomiyaki — or quench your thirst at some Japanese bars with local alcoholic beverages like plum wine and whisky highballs. Hop on the bandwagon and prepare yourself for these incredible food tours in Tokyo!

10 Best Tokyo Food Tours 

Here is our carefully curated list of Tokyo’s 10 best food tours:

  1. Tsukiji Fish Market Tour
  2. Shibuya Food Tour
  3. Ramen Tour
  4. Sensoji and Asakusa Food Tour 
  5. Eating and Drinking Tour in Shinbashi
  6. Shinjuku Food Tour
  7. Japanese Sake Brewery Tour
  8. Bar Hopping Tour
  9. Hidden Gems of Shibuya Food Tour
  10. Tokyo Vegan Food Tour

1. Tsukiji Fish Market Tour

A picture of a stall in Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

What better way to experience Japan’s culinary art of sushi than at the former largest fish market in the world. The Tsukiji Fish Market and Sushi Making Tour introduces Tokyo’s iconic market, none other than the Tsukiji Fish Market! Not only will you learn about its long history and bask in the lively ambiance of the area, but you’ll also leave this special Tokyo food tour with new sushi-crafting skills. Get excited about making sushi from scratch, using the finest ingredients the land of sushi can provide!

Book the Tsukiji Fish Market and Sushi Making Tour >>

2. Shibuya Food Tour

A picture of Shibuya's Scramble Crossing at night

Nothing beats the liveliness of one of Tokyo’s busiest city centers. Any Japan trip is not complete without a visit to Shibuya. Experience the city to the fullest by joining the Ultimate Food in Shibuya Tour — it’s not only great for nightlife and shopping but also for the authentic Japanese food, and this Tokyo food tour will prove it to you! Go from munching on sushi bites and piping hot takoyaki to grilling our own wagyu beef at an izakaya. Don’t worry, it’s not all hefty meals — this Shibuya food tour takes a pit stop at a local arcade so you can digest those meals while playing some insane Japanese games!

Book the Ultimate Food in Shibuya Tour >>

3. Ramen Tour

Two mini bowls of ramen, one with a bright red broth, the other with a light-colored broth, during a ramen food tour in Tokyo

Ramen is the heart and soul of the people of Japan. It’s not only a convenient and quick dish but it's also insanely delicious! One of the best culinary tours to go on to relish in mouthwatering bowls of Japanese ramen is the Tasting 6 Mini Bowls of Ramen at 3 Award Winning Shops tour. Roam around the streets of Shibuya, Nakameguro, and Ebisu to visit award-winning ramen restaurants and learn everything about this incredible dish — from the history to the customizable options. You'd better come with an empty stomach and a huge appetite because you’ll be tasting not just one but six mini bowls of various types of ramen! 

Book the "Tasting 6 Mini Bowls of Ramen at 3 Award Winning Shops" Tour >>

4. Sensoji and Asakusa Food Tour

Get a local’s insight with a tour guide while you explore one of Tokyo’s most culturally and historically rich areas, Asakusa. On this tour, Back to Edo: Sensoji and Asakusa Food Tour, you’ll experience the coexistence of traditional and modern Japanese culture in one spot. Not only will you get to discover the hidden gems of this popular area while munching on snacks that can only be found in Asakusa, but this tour is also a fun learning opportunity as it introduces you to the Japanese culture — from etiquette and table manners to historical storytelling.

Book the "Back to Edo: Sensoji and Asakusa Food Tour" >>

5. Eating and Drinking Tour in Shinbashi

Shinbashi is not your everyday tourist area of Tokyo — it’s quite the opposite. Yet, that’s what makes it all the more interesting to explore. This area is the heart and soul of Tokyo’s business district where Japanese salarymen and women spill out onto the streets when the sun starts to set. Ditch the tourist title for a day and live like a local during this Tokyo food tour, Eat and Drink Like a Tokyo Salaryman in Shinbashi. Navigate through the winding streets of food stalls, making pit stops along the way to get your fill of traditional Japanese oden and the authentic local drinking experience at izakaya bars.

Book the "Eat and Drink Like a Tokyo Salaryman in Shinbashi" Food Tour >>

6. Shinjuku Food Tour

Shinjuku after dark with lanterns glowing

Shinjuku is not only known as a business district but it’s also famous for nightlife. With an abundance of local bars like izakaya and tachinomiya (standing bars), it’s hard to know which ones are worth spending time in. Not to fret, that’s when the Shinjuku After Dark Izakaya Tour comes in. On this Tokyo food tour, trust the local guide to bring you to not only authentic local bars but also ensure the best Shinjuku nightlife experience. Try every local alcoholic beverage like Japanese sake, paired with ideal snack foods like yakitori.

Book the Shinjuku After Dark Izakaya Tour >>

7. Japanese Sake Brewery Tour

Regardless of whether or not you’re a big drinker, you ought to know about Japanese sake. This local rice wine takes a significant part of the Japanese food culture and the sake breweries in Japan are immensely dedicated to their craft. The Toshimaya Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour brings you to one of Tokyo’s oldest breweries, established in 1596. The Toshimaya Shuzo still uses Mt. Fuji spring water for their sake varieties. Learn the history and process of this fine beverage, and end the experience with an all-you-can-drink sake tasting where you’re able to explore the various flavors of sake.

Book the Toshimaya Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour >>

8. Bar Hopping Tour

Most would know Kichijoji for being one of the top spots for cherry blossoms, but what they don’t know is that this neighborhood is home to countless quaint, themed bars residing in a former flea market established after World War II. Join The Midnight Diners: Tokyo Experience and go on a bar-hopping expedition in Harmonica Yokocho. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with the locals in these bars — the local tour guide will come to the rescue to interpret if you can’t speak Japanese. All you need to know is the word “kampai” as you raise your glass to clink theirs.

Book The Midnight Diners: Tokyo Experience >>

9. Hidden Gems of Shibuya Food Tour

Tokyo’s bustling ward Shibuya is more than just the Shibuya Scramble Crossing and Hachiko Statue. It’s the birthplace of countless fashion trends and home of multiple local and international boutiques. Not to mention the array of various types of local cuisine restaurants. The Retro Shibuya Food Tour is one of the unique Tokyo food tours that brings you off the beaten path and into the unique local eateries rather than tourist-invaded ones. Some of these restaurants have been around since the Showa Era — you definitely don’t want to miss that!

Book the Retro Shibuya Food Tour >>

10. Tokyo Vegan Food Tour

A delicious-looking plant-based curry during a vegan food tour in Shibuya

Japan is known for its significant consumption of seafood, so one would assume that looking for vegan food is like a scavenger hunt in Tokyo. The Vegan Food Tour in Shibuya will let you in on the hidden plant-based vegan restaurants that are hiding in plain sight, as you explore the wonderful streets of Shibuya. Discovering the best vegan food in Tokyo, from imitation Japanese fried "chicken" to traditionally vegan snacks and delicious vegan donuts, you’ll be in safe hands with the local tour guide who’s an expert on all things vegan.

Every booking on byFood contributes to the Food for Happiness program, and in addition to byFood's donation, the host has the option of donating. When you book this vegan food tour in Tokyo, the host will donate 150 yen in addition to byFood's 250 yen!

Book the Vegan Food Tour in Shibuya >>

There's nothing like a Japanese food tour to complete your Japan trip! Eat authentic Japanese cuisine and uncover rare eateries and dishes, all while picking up cultural tidbits and mingling with Japanese food lovers — it doesn’t get any better than that! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and book a Tokyo food tour!

Looking for more food experiences in Tokyo? Check out our cooking classes, dining experiences, and tastings in Tokyo!

We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan's food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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