Cooking and Food Anime: 5 Dishes That Look Amazing and Where To Find Them In Japan

By Ryan Noble
Updated: April 12, 2024

We can probably all agree that anime food looks amazing, which is probably why there’s no danger of running out of anime about food. In fact, we’ve already covered Japanese food in movies and anime before!

Even so, with so many old and new anime putting food at the center of their show, we thought it was time to get into a few more anime with food that simply looks irresistible… and then let you know where you can eat something like it in Japan!

5 delicious anime foods and where to find them in Japan

1. Food Wars! (Sougeki no Soma) food: “Gotcha!” Pork Roast

In terms of amazing anime about food that are easily accessible on Netflix, one of the absolute best has to be Sougeki no Soma (Food Wars!). This anime turns cooking into an extreme sport that matches the intensity and last-minute victories of your favorite shonen (action-filled anime normally aimed at boys) shows, and it all starts with this dish: the pork roast.

Spurred on by corrupt land sharks who are trying to buy his father’s restaurant, Soma is forced to whip up the juiciest, most enticing pork roast you’ve ever seen.

Where to find Food Wars! pork roast in Japan: Torishige

Grilled and skewered meat on a dark grey plate, next to a lemon wedge for flavoring.

For Michelin-recognized meat dishes worth getting teary-eyed over, head to Torishige — a place where you’ll find all the classic grilled meats, along with a few that can’t be found at every yakiniku joint in Japan, like high-quality cuts of pork that even Soma would be proud to serve.

Where to watch Food Wars!: Netflix.

2. Food Wars (Sougeki no Soma) food: Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is a classic brunch dish no matter where you are, but its appearance in Food Wars! — with a classic Japanese twist — made this well-known dish seem even more delicious.

But, is it easy to find a dish that’s as tasty as the anime food looks?

Where to find Food Wars eggs benedict in Japan: Eggs ‘n Things

Eggs Benedict at Eggs ‘n Things ExpoCity, showing two poached eggs on top of spinach and bacon bits, served alongside potatoes and covered in sauce.

For those days when you feel like sleeping in, skipping breakfast, and waking up to leisurely brunch plans with a side of Hawaiian vibes, only Eggs ‘n Things will do. Their menu includes all sorts of breakfast dishes, from savory delights like eggs benedict, omelets, meat and eggs to sweet options like pancakes, waffles, crepes, and french toast.

If you find yourself craving this beautiful brunch dish while wandering the city of Osaka, book yourself a table at the Eggs ‘n Things ExpoCity restaurant.

Where to watch Food Wars!: Netflix.

3. Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) food: Eel (well, parasitic worm!)

Although this dish might originally consist of a parasitic worm, it ends up looking like the delicious real-life dish that we all know and love: unagi freshwater eel and anago conger eel. So, unless you fancy going in search of fantastical parasitic worms to eat, we’d recommend unagi or anago for your next meal in Japan!

Where to find Delicious in Dungeon eel: Michelin star eel restaurants

Grilled unagi eel laying on a bed of sticky rice, served in a traditional red dish.

Since we’re trying to keep up with the unrealistic flavors of anime food, we think only the best will do: Michelin star eel restaurants in Japan.

If you find yourself feeling like some dungeon meshi in Tokyo, we’d recommend a lunch or dinner of unagi freshwater eel at Ishibashi (Bunkyo) or Nodaiwa Azabu Iikura Honten. Or, for Michelin star eel in Hiroshima, book your seat at Takotsubo.

Where to watch Delicious in Dungeon: Netflix.

4. The Way of the Househusband food (Gokushufudo): Fancy crepes

From a life of crime as a member of the yakuza to a househusband — it’s a tale as old as time — Tatsu, also known as the “Immortal Dragon,” has turned his attention to living an honest life. 

Devoted to being the best at keeping his home tidy and his wife fed with delicious meals, there’s all kinds of cooking inspiration to be found in this anime, including one of the most tempting crepes you’ve ever seen.

Where to find The Way of the Househusband crepes: Santa Monica Crepes (Harajuku)

The top of Santa Monica Crepes' creme brulee crepe, with bananas and strawberries surrounding the crystalized center.

In the crowds of Harajuku, take your time picking from the extensive selection of crepes at Santa Monica Crepes, sweet enough to tempt anyone to leave a life of crime behind.

Not feeling the crowds of Takeshita Street today? Check out our article of the best crepe shops in Tokyo for more crepe spots in Ginza, Shinjuku, and Setagaya.

You could also make memories of kawaii crepes and so much more on our 3-hour Harajuku food tour, showing the cutest desserts in Japan along with a classic okonomiyaki lunch and expert knowledge of Japan’s food culture and history.

Where to watch The Way of the Househusband: Netflix.

5. Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp) food: Sukiyaki

Laid-Back Camp is the anime you watch when you want nothing but good vibes, good views, and good food. From instant cup ramen that somehow looks better than anything you can buy at the konbini (convenience store) to a steaming cup of hot cocoa that warms your very soul, this anime is filled with camping-friendly dishes that you can’t help but want to search out — including Laid-Back Camp’s sukiyaki (meat-filled hot pot).

Step by step, this anime even teaches you how to make sukiyaki for yourself, showing off all the ingredients, what to do with them, and how to enjoy the finished meal. But how about we let the experts cook it for you this time?

Where to find Laid-Back Camp’s sukiyaki in Japan: It depends!

Two metal chopsticks picking up a thin slice of meat from the top of a shabu-shabu broth.

Somewhere between the temples and bowing deer of Nara, you’ll find Sukiyaki Kappo Kitsu; or, over in Osaka — after a day at Universal Studios Japan or exploring Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan — you can settle in for A5-grade Miyazaki beef hotpot at Shabu-Shabu Sukiyaki Haruna or the premium dining courses of Kitashinchi Shabushabu Kiraku.

Where to watch Laid-Back Camp: Netflix | Crunchyroll

Not done drooling over anime food yet? We hear you. Read our other blog about the tastiest examples of Japanese movie and anime food, or hunt down Japan’s cutest foods.

Anime food FAQs

A laptop resting on a chair. The screen is showing the ending credits for Frieren, an anime featuring an elf with silver hair.

What food anime are there?

There are so many food anime out there, some of which are decades old and others that only just came out this year. Discover delicious anime food in these 18 anime about food:

  1. Sokugeki no Soma (Food Wars!)
  2. Dungeon Meshi (Delicious in Dungeon)
  3. Gokushufudo (The Way of the Househusband)
  4. Yuru Camp (Laid-back Camp)
  5. Yumeiro Patissiere
  6. Toriko
  7. Ben-To
  8. Cinderella Chef
  9. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits)
  10. Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie
  11. Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi (Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill)
  12. Gourmet Girl Graffiti
  13. Isekai Shokudo (Restaurant to Another World)
  14. Isekai Nonbiri Nouka (Farming Life In Another World)
  15. Delicious Party Pretty Cure
  16. Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness & Lightning)
  17. Isekai Izakaya: Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu (Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World)
  18. Ristorante Paradiso

And there are so many more cooking anime we haven’t even mentioned, so start watching (and prepare to be hungry)!

Why does anime food look so good?

We wish we knew. Perhaps it’s the exaggerated way the characters react to each dish, or the way the best parts of each dish are highlighted by the talented artists working on the show. 

It may even be the beauty of watching a dish come together without ever needing to step into the kitchen yourself — although if you are finding yourself tempted to try your hand at cooking after watching one of these food anime, join one of our Japanese cooking classes.

What is the best anime about food or cooking?

That’s not for us to decide, but we can tell you that in 2020, Food Wars! was one of the best-selling manga series in Japan, with over 20 million copies in circulation. Plus, as it’s available on Netflix, it’s easily accessible for many food anime lovers!

We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan's food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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