7 Spots for Luxury Afternoon Tea in Tokyo

By Rachel Lee
Updated: August 29, 2023

The allure of afternoon tea is very much alive in Tokyo, with many luxury hotels and upscale cafes adding their own flair, competing with one another for the top spot. Read on for our pick of the best places for afternoon tea in Tokyo—including five-star hotels, cafes and other spots (even a bus).

With award-winning pastry chefs, brand collaborations, and a focus on exquisite seasonal ingredients, the city really takes the crown for the most creative and skillful afternoon tea creations!

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Tokyo's Best Afternoon Tea Spots

If you want a taste of luxury afternoon tea in Tokyo, here are our top seven spots to satiate your cravings. 

  1. The Tokyo Edition, Toranomon
  2. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi 
  3. Ginger Garden Aoyama
  4. Tokyo Mixology Workshop in Ginza
  5. Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
  6. Aman Tokyo
  7. Le Jardin at Hotel Chinzanso

1. The Tokyo Edition, Toranomon

Window view of Tokyo Tower and Interior shot of botanicals and seating areas

One of the newest hotspots in Tokyo offering a collaboration of luxury design, evocative dining experiences, and sophisticated afternoon tea. Placed 31 floors above the city, Edition has certainly created a name for itself, with arguably one of the best views of the capital's skyline. Expansive views of Tokyo Tower and Odaiba Bay leave you floating above the city in this enchanting oasis. A sea of green botanicals create intimate spaces for guests, adding an essence of mystery as soon as you step out of the elevator. 

Images showing the contents of the afternoon tea at Toranomon Edition

Start this fantastic afternoon tea experience with a selection of free-flowing seasonal teas including Pear Tree Green, Rose Royal, and Merci Mille Fois all served hot or iced, as well as a range of selected coffees.

Following shortly after is your tower of sweet and savory delights. Stand-out bites included the green pea castella and truffle, crème brûlée with hazelnut cookie, and lemon tart with a whipped ganache and Edition branded chocolate ring—classic flavors elevated with innovative skill.

Edition’s afternoon tea set changes throughout the seasons as well as incorporates luxury fashion into some of their collaboration menus, most recently Belgian luxury leather brand La Maison Delvaux. For an even more magical experience, book a seat at Edition’s "Twilight" afternoon tea and enjoy the sunset behind Tokyo Tower.

2. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi 

Interior shot of seating areas at Four Seasons Otemachi

Four Seasons Otemachi houses the most elegant views in Tokyo, with the Imperial Palace on its doorstep; and on a clear day, you have views of iconic Mt. Fuji on the horizon. Located 39 floors above the city’s most prominent financial district, Four Seasons Otemachi provides a space of modern luxury with a fresh twist, combining Japanese and French elements to create a contemporary take on high tea. The interior is sophisticated and open, with a vibrant color palette of orange and gold warming up The Lounge.

Four Seasons full afternoon tea platter contents with details of the sweet and savory treats

The afternoon tea menu is carefully curated by award-winning executive pastry chef Yusuke Aoki and the Four Seasons in-house wagashi artist to create an afternoon tea menu with ingenious takes on familiar flavors. The focus is on ever-changing seasonality, and specialized tea sommeliers are on hand to produce a truly special experience. Our afternoon tea was based around the prized Japanese strawberry. Highlights included the strawberry yuzu tartlet, smoked salmon sandwich with wasabi sour cream and a strawberry crunch, and the strawberry ravioli with lobster, mikan, and green tea cream. The flavors were so well-balanced and worked harmoniously with one another.

3. Ginger Garden Aoyama

Afternoon Tea Spread at Ginger Garden in Aoyama

In chic Aoyama, Ginger Garden stands as a colorful oasis. Overflowing with Instagram-worthy charm, it's a cozy escape boasting delightful aesthetics and a pink-infused wonderland. Amidst the neighborhood's artistic, architectural, and haute couture backdrop, take in the sheer elegance of tea time.

Backed by an impressive resume, the chef duo wields Parisian finesse and portfolios ranging from cafes to patisseries. Your taste buds are in for a treat with desserts from cannoli mousse cake with raspberry yogurt to peach jelly with white chocolate rose cake and passionfruit macarons with mint ganache—all adorned in delightful shades of pink, harmonizing with the café's ambiance. Whether you opt for the indulgent buffet or add a bespoke experience with a teddy bear and name-engraved plate, it's all about enhancing your whimsical journey.

Close-up of little cakes at afternoon tea in Ginger Garden Aoyama

From the tang of cranberry and hibiscus tea to the cozy embrace of cinnamon and apple blends, teddy bears, and roses, sophistication and cuteness mesh for a memorable and flavorful afternoon escapade.

4. Tokyo Mixology Workshop in Ginza

Sakura tea mocktail in Tokyo

Try a lively workshop for an unconventional tea experience where crafting original non-alcoholic tea cocktails takes center stage. Tucked in an upscale Tsukiji apartment is a gateway to a world of creativity. Get set up in a well-equipped kitchen setting, discovering mixology's art as you carry newfound skills to craft your signature creations.

Guided by Emi, a tea virtuoso with remarkable accolades, the Tokyo Mixology Workshop in Ginza transcends ordinary classes. Emi's odyssey through herbs and teas paved the way to titles like Japan Tea Association Tea Instructor, Japan Medical Herbs Association Herbal Therapist, and even Lupicia Certified World Tea Meister.

Colorful tea mocktail in Tokyo

Prepare for a galaxy of flavors and colors as you craft sensational tea mocktails under Emi's skilled tutelage. During the mixology escapade, enjoy delightful teas and exquisite Japanese sweets. As the session concludes, you'll leave with recipes and ingredients to conjure your dazzling tea mocktails at home.

5. Afternoon Tea Bus Tour Tokyo

Afternoon Tea Bus Tour Tokyo

Journey into British elegance on Tokyo's streets with afternoon tea aboard an iconic London red double-decker bus. This isn't your usual bus ride; it's Japan's pioneering afternoon tea bus, an exciting blend of sightseeing and opulence. Step aboard to be greeted by tables graced with elegance and adorned with floral arrangements radiating sophistication.

Perched above Tokyo, you'll cruise the city like an aristocrat. From chic Omotesando, your route could traverse eclectic Shibuya and midtown or take you from classic Tokyo Station to the futuristic Rainbow Bridge of Odaiba. As Tokyo's panorama unfolds, prepare for a tea time curated by the acclaimed Ginger Garden. Sink your teeth into a rose cake with peach jelly or white peach yogurt with granola. The menu also boasts savory delights like tandoori chicken and salmon sandwiches. Climb aboard for an exhilarating adventure that will spark all your senses.

6. Aman Tokyo 

Image of Aman Tokyo lobby area with ikebana display

Aman Tokyo is the first of the Aman properties to be placed in an urban environment, in the heart of Otemachi’s financial district. Head to the 33rd floor and step out into Aman Tokyo’s spectacular lobby; 30-meter high ceilings open up the space and the reflective water pond makes it feel even bigger. Zen rock gardens, traditional ikebana flower displays, and scenic views over the Imperial Palace and Mt. Fuji create a purely serene atmosphere. Inspired by minimalist Japanese design, an elegant monochromatic hue sweeps across the hotel, with washi paper lining the ceiling, designed to resemble the inside of a shoji paper lantern. 

Aman Tokyo full afternoon tea platter including trunk of treats

Aman Tokyo provides an iconic afternoon tea experience in Tokyo, prepared by executive pastry chef Miyagawa Yoshihisa, and served with high-quality premium teas by The Ronnefeldt Company. Select the finest treats from the Aman afternoon tea "trunk," which are then served on a three-tier platter with fresh fruit, chocolate, and savory bites. 

Strawberry choux buns, chocolate cream eclairs, and warm lemon scones were personal highlights. A luxury high tea experience with delectable treats served in a world-class environment.

7. Le Jardin at Hotel Chinzanso

Le Jardin proudly claims the title of Tokyo's first hotel afternoon tea hotspot. Find yourself in the lavish lounge, where homemade scones and the robust notes of black tea fuse into a regal experience. Sink into plush chairs and soak in the garden's allure while you explore multi-tiered trays brimming with delicious treats.

20 different tea varieties invite your selection, allowing you to orchestrate your own tea journey. Embracing tradition, Le Jardin presents an array of sandwiches, scones, and dainty desserts that shift seasonally.

What truly elevates this encounter, however, is the view of the hotel's expansive garden, among Tokyo's finest. Behold the enchanting "Sea of Clouds," a phenomenon that graces the garden several times daily. Typically reserved for mountaintops at sunrise under precise conditions, this mesmerizing display showcases clouds beneath you, flowing like ocean waves. Japan's beauty and England's traditions shine in this one-of-a-kind afternoon tea.

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