EBM Special Inox Antibacterial Western Deba Knife 21cm

Producer: Ebematsu
ID: 165
A compact deba knife with great hand-feel and antimicrobial properties.
¥ 17,000
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This antibacterial knife is hand-forged to professional grade specifications from molybdenum steel, known for its rust-resistance and long-lasting edge. Featuring a protective flange supporting the blade, this knife has been created with long-term use in mind. Perfect for professional kitchens, the antimicrobial properties of this knife make it easy to maintain food-safety standards while using a knife with an artisan's touch. The boning knife has a length of 15cm and is ideal for finely preparing meats. The deba knife makes quick work of thick, boneless meats and can effortlessly filet whole fish. This version is 21 cm from base to blade tip.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 470 gr
  • Product height: 348 cm
  • Product width: 80 cm
  • Product length: 410 cm
EBM Special Inox Antibacterial Western Deba Knife 21cm is produced in Niigata prefecture.
Niigata Prefecture
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