Shiko Collection 39-year Vintage Set (500 Set Limited Edition)

Seller: Takumi Sosei
Producer: Iwase brewery
ID: 146
Five bottles of vintage sake to take you on a trip throughout Japan. Sip and enjoy this limited edition collection of the best aged sake.
¥ 22,000
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The "Shiko" set is a selection of five bottles aged for over 20 years. Please enjoy the miracle of breweries from different regions that have come together in this unique set. (1983 Iwanoi / Iwase brewery) 14% alcohol by volume. A unique release with a flavor remniscent of white wine and brilliant sweetness. (1999 Narimasa / Narimasa brewery) 15% alcohol by volume. The sweet spreading aroma of honey and black tea creates a richness cut by strong acid for a refreshingly dry taste. (1999 Fukumitsuya / Fukumitsuya brewery) 15% alcohol by volume. A balance of sweetness and acid like apricot jam enhances mellow notes of caramel and a spicy finish. (1995 Aoitsuru / Inami brewery) 17% alcohol by volume. Room temperature aging has led to a mellow sweetness with the fragrance of honey and almonds, pulled together with moderate acidity and spiciness. (1993 Umenishiki / Umenishikiyamakawa Brewery) 18% alcohol by volume. The 20 year aging process has expressed the aroma of fragrant nuts and well-ripened peaches to create a dry liquor with a sherry-like flavor.
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2240 gr
  • Product height: 7 cm
  • Product width: 21 cm
  • Product length: 41 cm
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Shiko Collection 39-year Vintage Set (500 Set Limited Edition) is produced in Chiba prefecture.
Iwase brewery
Chiba Prefecture
Located only ten minutes from Oyado coast, Iwase Brewery uses hard groundwater that has passed through the seashell layer, giving it a high calcium and magnesium content. High nutrient content water, which supports vigorous fermentation, and devotion to Yamahai yeast brewing produces sake rich in flavor with strong acidity. More than two-thirds of the total brewing volume uses Yamahai yeast and Chiba rice to bring out the characteristic quality of Iwanoi sake.