Beer Cup 350ml

Producer: Asahi
ID: 160
A stylish beer cup with a mirrored look and copper construction to keep your drink icy-cold.
¥ 3,500
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A specialty beer drinking vessel infused with copper ions. The materials of this cup not only help conduct the temperature of your drink, keeping beer colder longer, but are bacteria resistant! For a totally satisfying, ice-cold beer drinking experience, copper can't be topped. This cup is easy to keep clean and maintain, plus holds the cold in thanks to its copper construction.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 175 gr
  • Product height: 150 cm
  • Product width: 85 cm
  • Product length: 85 cm
Beer Cup 350ml is produced in Niigata prefecture.
Niigata Prefecture
"To express the shape of a new reality from the origin of its function", that is the goal of Asahi. Asahi develops products that respond and change with the needs of the times, directly expressing the form of their nature. Beautiful designs that function in accordance with the needs of their user - elegant dessert spoons, charming copper teapots, plus a variety of collaboration and licensed goods. Beautiful and simple cups keep your drinks at the ideal temperature while you enjoy sweets served on delightfully shaped plates. A variety of tableware is available to bring a smile to each customer.
This is the form that Asahi's production takes. This is the form of their craft.