Masahiro Japan Steel Gyuto Knife with Bolster 24cm

Producer: Masahiro
ID: 113
A weighted knife perfect for all kind of professional cutting jobs
¥ 15,000
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The gyuto knife is the Japanese equivalent of the western chef's knife: capable of slicing thick cuts of meat just as well as julienning vegetables. This versatile knife is made of pure Japanese steel with a double-edged blade that conveys a sense of Japanese elegance and tradition. This nicely weighty knife offers good hand response and an outstanding cut. This knife is the 24cm edition.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 330 gr
  • Product height: 373 cm
  • Product width: 70 cm
  • Product length: 335 cm
Masahiro Japan Steel Gyuto Knife with Bolster 24cm is produced in Gifu prefecture.
Gifu Prefecture
The Masahiro company was born in Seki-shi, known as Gifu prefecture's town of knives, over 70 years ago. Since that time, Masahiro has risen as the top maker of kitchen knifes in the region, achieving high critical acclaim across the nation and world wide fame. They continue to research raw materials and forging techniques in pursuit of a singularly valuable knife, one which expresses superior cut and durability.

Masahiro knives hold high reputation not only within Japan but among professional chefs abroad. Their highly acclaimed knives promise an outstanding performance in cut quality and sharpness for a one of a kind experience.